Brand Identity

Cantaloupe & CO was founded with the intention of becoming a lifestyle. Inspired by the classic formula of one of its creative idols albeit executed in reverse; Cantaloupe began with designing spaces and operating venues and then went into hospitality and retail. It hopes to one day design and materialize its own apparel brand. Cantaloupe aspires to create a lifestyle with a loyal consumer base that is inspired and driven by the brand itself.

Cantaloupe is not an image it is a lifestyle, which takes pride in its distinction and confidence. All things Cantaloupe are spawned from the seed, which is creativity and nurtured by acute attention to detail and quality.

From a creative perspective of product development, Cantaloupe is moved by innovative lifestyle brands. We believe in timeless innovation as opposed to short-lived hype. These brands all formed a strong connection to their products and believed beyond impossibilities, creating a story and a fantasy, that consumers can feel a part of. This is exactly what Cantaloupe has set out to achieve.

Cantaloupe emphasizes the importance of building brands that are timeless; brands that a consumer can incorporate into their own lifestyle and become more personally attached to, with time. Extremely determined to pioneer the industry of designer branding in Sri Lanka, Cantaloupe is eager to offer their clients a new edge to selective retailing and product sourcing. Cantaloupe’s core values and what it stands for as entity, remains constant, but the cosmetic image it depicts is constantly reinvented. It's an image that evolves.