Past Events

Party 31 (NYE 2005)


The first Party 31 was held on Mount Lavinia Hotel’s ‘Paradise Beach’ on December 31st, 2005. Catering to 2,000 persons, invitations were marketed internally via an international promotion network, and priced at $60 each. The total turnover from beverage sales both from corkage and bar revenue was of the order of $32,000, indicating an average spending power amongst our clientele of $76 per person on New Year’s Eve. In reality however, CNL, identified a game changing realisation- a loyal group of around 250, contributed to about 40% of the revenue, and it was this niche group, who were prepared to spend over $150 on a night out, they became the focus of all the year-round CNL parties. Needless to say this model became an instant success.

Party 31 (NYE 2007)


That year Party 31 moved to the vaunted Galle Face Hotel Terrace, which had dominated Colombo’s New Year’s Eve scene until CNL moved the crowd to Mount Lavinia in 2005. CNL cut down the event’s capacity to 1,500 and invitations were priced at $70. The party was legendary.

Party 31 | The Secret Garden (NYE 2008)


The venue for Party 31:2008 was a deep, lush lawn intertwined with palm trees: The Secret Garden. Hidden away on the North end of the Taj Samudra’s vast eleven-acre estate.

CNL’s R&D department got down to designing and formulating the venue layout, with a seven-digit decor budget and a blank canvas to work with. The previous two Party 31 events saw their design and décor being handled in house.

However, that year CNL decided to go with one of Colombo’s top designers; Lalin Jinasena.

He created a layout for the Secret Garden, the centre piece of which is a sprawling catwalk that stretched across the entire expanse of the lawn. The catwalk was dual purpose. It provided a glamorous path- way from the bar to the dance floor, and served as the stage for Colombo’s first fashion show of the new year.

The Twenty Ten Party (NYE 2009)

The first project under Amuseum Special Events (ASE) , a former subsidiary of Cantaloupe, was done in collaboration with Pacha Ibiza- the Twenty Ten Party at the Galle Face Hotel Terrace. Elegant, extravagant and eclectic, accentuated by flowing Pink Champagne and clusters of white roses; Twenty-Ten Party definitely did appease the most insatiable of palates.

Pacha Ibiza made its seasonal celebratory mark in Colombo with ASE. Pacha’s trademark cherries encapsulating sweet, juicy and teasing temptation, through out the years, have built a brand reputation for creating an amazing party. This coupled with ASE’s innovation; infallible marketing and event management expertise did provide an unmatchable experience.

The celebration featured Pacha Ibiza’s headlining DJ, John Jacobsen. During the last seven years he was resident DJ for Pacha Sitges, now he has become one of Pacha Ibiza’s resident DJs. Jacobsen has produced more than fifty records, including remixes for artists like Shakira, Bob Marley, Carlos Baute, D.O.N.S, Umek and many more.

The Twenty-Ten Party was also the chosen forum to launch the much-anticipated Pacha-Ibiza Hits on Tour CD.