NYE 2012


A Starry Beach and a City of Stars. Both venues, will be transformed into a sublime setting. This era has seen numerous technological advancements in lighting, visualisations, image manipulation and 3D mapping, taking advantage of all these resources, we are creating an ambience that will give you glimpse into the future.

The music, party engineering and design elements will all materialise this concept, so one can pretend, for a moment, that they are absorbed in the expanse of the universe, touching the stars and becoming flooded with luminance.

2013 should be dawned with a feeling of infinite possibility. Transformation is key to allow the dynamic nature of the venues to be materialised. Each venue will have “party pockets“ that feature different ambiences. With this versatility, we can create an atmosphere that transports the reveler to another time and place. A place where inhibitions are lost and your imagination is allowed to run wild. A playground.


The “Starry Eyed” concept will be illustrated by intricate decor elements, specially conceived and designed to bring the party to life. The statement made at the entrances alone, will be spectacular, the guest will immediately be transported from the real to the surreal.

The decor execution will be multi- faceted; the diversity that each landscape offers, adds another dimension to the design - from a City of Stars to a Starry Beach.

Each venue will have different areas where people can chose either to relax or revel. This includes cabanas, beds, platforms, podiums, stages, dance floors, VIP areas, bars etc.

A variety of materials and textures will be at play, which will work in tandem with the lighting. The predominant palette will be white and translucent with a crystallized effect. Layered reflective surfaces that capture and reflect light, such as mirrors, glass and Perspex, will make you feel like you are being immersed in and are amongst the stars.