Exotic Melon (EM) is the design arm of Cantaloupe & CO. EM’s design portfolio also encompasses Spatial Design, which falls under Cantaloupe Design (CD). EM is credited for conceptualizing and executing numerous high profile Graphic Design projects. In a short span of time it has built an impressive portfolio to include some of the most prestigious lifestyle brands in Sri Lanka such as -0304, Anything.lk, Ayura Jewelry, Chinese Dragon Café, K-Tunge Productions, ArtWalk, Perpetual Asset Management, Pride Department Store, Ramani Fernando Salons, Heladiv Tea Club, Habitat for Humanity-Sri Lanka, Trade Promoters Pvt Ltd, Kama Colombo, Skky Bar and the Tourist Promotion Board of Sri Lanka.

EM appreciates the need for businesses to establish and differentiate themselves in order to make a strong and lasting impression in their respective markets and with their customers/partners.

EM’s team of qualified designers are trained and encouraged to think outside the box. They specialize in photo shoot styling, visual merchandise, interior graphic, product, package, spatial and jewelry design.